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Bain De Force Quotidien Shampoo

Bain De Force Quotidien Shampoo

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Product Benefits

This deep cleansing shampoo for men purifies scalp and hair with a cooling sensation to remove impurities, dirt, and oil while strengthening weakened hair that is prone to thinning. 92% of consumers agree that Bain De Force shampoo leaves the scalp feeling deeply cleansed* and 80% of consumers agree that their hair feels stronger*. Bain De Force shampoo is formulated with Creatine and Ginger Root to strengthen hair fibers.
- Deeply cleanses scalp, hair and beard
- Strengthens weakened fibers
- Gives a cooling sensation

Key Ingredients

Creatine & Expanding Polymers

Creatine: to help strengthen hair strands.
Expanding Polymers: for immediate fuller looking hair.

Ginger Root

To help protect hair against damage.

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